What have Facebook, Einstein, the Internet and Trees to do with each other and with the Science of Being?  

A Conversation Across Continents . . . 

In this scientific age of research and investigation, we discover that we have entered an era of extreme information. How we take in this information, process it, express it and give appropriate feedback has the great potential to effect change.

As a Facebook user, I often post great quotes to keep my status updated. One recent update, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou. With a further comment by yours truly,“Therefore, be very caring that your motives and intentions come only from the standpoint of Love as this is the spiritual residue that is felt and remains.” Because this “information” was inspired, an entire conversation ensued from around the world with other spiritually minded thinkers.

It is always exciting to me to feel the divine energy of pure reflection alive with loving purpose that expands consciousness in this beautiful web of design that actually perfectly patterns the Divine. “The divine Science of man is woven into one web of consistency without seam or rent. Mere speculation or superstition appropriates no part of the divine vesture, while inspiration restores every part of the Christly garment of righteousness.” (S&H* 242:25). Are you starting to see the connective tissue?

What really got this whole ‘think’ going was someone else’s status update on Facebook. A friend in South Africa posted that he was interested in feedback on the following thoughts as he was in the midst of reading the book, “The Language of God (A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief)” by Francis Collins. This friend’s observation was that formal religion seemed orthogonal to science – changes in one had no effect on the other. He further writes, “However, faith may have a definite impact on the way that scientific investigation is pursued and interpreted, (Just my opinion!) What do you think?” Well, this certainly opened the door for a great conversation across the timeless/spaceless-ness of consciousness and continents!

First I queried as to his use of the word “orthogonal” so as not to impose speculation. His clarification included that changes do not necessarily provoke or effect changes in one area or in the other, and also that he is “careful in distinguishing between formal religion and faith”.

My comment in response: “Personally I happen to agree with Einstein, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Science’s elements are curiosity, investigation, observation, discovery/initial evidence, testing/experimentation, proof through evidence, testimony/written articles, recognition of a truth ….. are these not the same elements that are found in religion and if not, then religion has no right to the name!

“Since there is really only one thing going on, God and Her idea expressed in infinite ways, whenever consciousness accepts a truth or deeper understanding of the divine Source (God) and how it operates, everything changes. Its impact is felt throughout all creation as a shift however small or large, quantum or the rolling of worlds. All human sciences (all good things for that matter) mirror the divine as its image & likeness. It can do no less since we all sprang from the same Source….the pattern is set “as in heaven, so on earth” – we reflect!

My friend responds, “The old adage about all religions leading to the top of the same mountain is probably true – except that isn’t where God lives! If God is to be known, then the only way that could happen is for Him/Her to do the revealing. Einstein’s comment remains valid for me, despite my need to make the above distinction.”

I chimed back, “And therefore, based on your premise I would have to agree that the majority of religions do not include all of the elements found in science such as proof…..and faith must be elevated to spiritual understanding for a blind faith is worse yet and does not ever include a proper premise to get to a conclusion of truth. So in both science & religion there is the definite need for truth…..And then, the next great question that has rocked the world since time began is….What is Truth?”

I was so surprised at his response: “How about “Who is Truth”
So the conversation went on: “’Who’ would very specifically imply a person in lieu of an Intelligent divine Principle that is the only creative Force.”

With his: “That is an interesting perspective Linn. It seems to me that the universe is an intensely personal place, so I have no difficulty in perceiving God as Personal.”

And mine: “Within that context, I would have to agree and particularly love your conscious use of capitalization assuming you mean God when used with the capital “P”, and his creation, man & the universe, with the lower case.
He: “Yes – that’s right. In my (limited) understanding, God is indeed Personal. That means that S/He is a communicator. Also, it’s illogical to assume that the created can discover the Creator by means of ritual. The Creator would have to take the initiative – which of course, leads to the person of Jesus Christ as the means of that revelation. Not a “popular” belief, because it divides – but it’s the only one that satisfies me – so that’s where I’m at.”

Me: “Again, I would agree with you within the context previously laid out that God is indeed Personal, the One intelligent and logical Principle that operates as divine Law. Because of this, I would offer a unifying concept that does not divide but supremely unites the concept of Jesus as the Christ, Immanuel or God with us; and true religion with the logic of scientific understanding that is demonstrable on every level of understanding. It also takes into account how this exquisite idea is an aspect of the biblically termed, City Foursquare, or divine consciousness in its full office of spiritual understanding – a fourfold idea.”

This conversation was a 2 day feast of interconnectivity, of sharing our deepest love of what we currently understood of God, Christ Jesus, and how that touches into the everyday practical, right where we live, not only as observing but participating in this deep level spiritual interaction wherein time and space were denounced by the clear perception of communicating heart to heart, speaking quietly through the keyboard.

It also brought to view that individuals are scientists by their very nature – wanting input, processing it through deep-level listening to the divine within, communicating their most cherished ideas in open forum, in an effort of discovering higher forms of unification. It is divine Science that allows us to reinterpret our experiences. It is so loving and warm that all may partake in the same system of understanding. Today, the internet has provided an open forum to information, to communication, to more deeply explore ethics, to overcome all sorts of misinformation that would cloud or distort one’s viewpoint, to rekindle random acts of kindness, to encourage collaboration, and to reframe collective consciousness around the globe.

Our conversation also penetrated the idea of scientists’ search for the God particle through a Grand Unified Field Theory once considered the TOE (Theory of Everything communicated through seven definite terms), but elevated to recognize that four-fold patterns are seen across the scales of every discipline. Music’s scale is pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm; math’s is addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; military’s and gaming’s is observe, orient, decide, act; computer’s is input, process, output, feedback, and the biblical ‘sacred city’ reconsidered by Mary Baker Eddy as Word, Christ, Christianity, divine Science.

Also, within the scientific community it is generally agreed that science may be compared to a tree branching out into many directions. As a self-professed tree hugger, I love this analogy especially in understanding that a tree’s root system, unseen to the senses, runs deeper and broader than the visible portion of the tree that it may support the tree in its growth. There is nothing separate about the tree. Every branch is connected to the sturdy trunk that is connected to the expansive root system that continually feeds itself throughout all four seasons.

For years scientists have struggled to define reality through seven terms and four operative modes recognizing the pattern across all scales. The book my friend was reading was named, The Language of God. Speculation and theory abound. Yet, through her amazing ability to deeply listen, the door of revelation opened wide for Eddy and we are the recipients and stewards of this precious Science of all the sciences, with the language of God, Spirit, inextricably woven into the finest fabric and the absolute beauty of this design is in its simplicity of pattern shown on the mount of revelation which “diversifies, classifies, and individualizes all thoughts, which are as eternal as the Mind conceiving them;” (S&H* 513:17-18).

So, as our conversation progressed in the fullness of ideas around this concept of consciousness as a city foursquare but without walls yet with an all-embracing understanding of how the Mind of God as the Word is the only true Source of all information that must be expressed (Christ). Much in the same way that we were expressing our love for communicating ideas with each other across the span of continents to gain a clearer understanding of our individual love for God. As this process of penetrating ideas were deeply expanded, we could feel the beauty of how simply this nature is seen in all things as the basic fourfold Self-organizing Presence, that we call God.

Within this, an opening could be divinely felt in consciousness wherein a shift was taking place as an enlarged understanding became our new base of operation. The divisiveness formerly felt had fled from thought and unification ensued. We call this healing! It was recognized and felt from South Africa all the way to Golden Shores of California!

This is the story of how Facebook, Einstein, the Internet, and Trees have come together in the most unique way, exquisite in its adaptation to prove that the Science of being – individual, collective, and universal – is seen operating in every aspect of life, clarifying, overturning false concepts, and letting in the light. ♥

* S&H = Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

© 09.24.2009 Linn Moffett


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