Citizens of the World

Promoting Hospitality as a Way of Life

(c) 10.07.2017 Linn Moffett


In the face of severe and subtle violence being expressed world-wide, peace is on the minds and in the hearts of millions.

Our former and current methods of holding crime in check have brutally failed us as a human race since new ways of terrorizing individuals, family units, and communities at-large are springing up from the most egregious sources, those that should be in their innocence. Ethical and moral issues are being raised to delve into the depths of a beating heart, yet true peace eludes as mankind is seduced by the desire to maintain those deep questions at a semi-surface level for “equitable sustainability of the status quo”, thereby allowing the darkness to deepen in its intensity.

When/how will we, as individuals joining together to form a more unified collective, exhibit the moral courage to redefine a true sense of peace through radical acts of selfless love to each other wherein an actual recognition of wholeness and harmony springs forth as a new birth, ego-centric behavior is replaced with humility, the drive to control replaced with true self-government because of unselfish love?

With this in mind, what will your daily experience look like especially in the face of its unquantified opposite – when placed under the stress of circumstances, under distortions and deviations, under unbridled lust, under information so twisted that it may even appear as truth?

Will these questions of self-inquiry deepen the self-examination process wherein the dissection of core beliefs enlighten and provide a useful measurement to a standard of Truth as a guiding principle that operates equally for all?

How will you discern, without the objects of sense, to move into true consciousness where Peace redefines itself universally as self-government under the over-arching presence of divine Love?

©2007 Linn Moffett


One Response to Citizens of the World

  1. Barbara Templet says:

    Interested in joining group.

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